Who is Io Shirai

Masami Odate (8 May 1990) is a female Japanese wrestler better known by her ring name Io Shirai. She is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where she is assigned on its third brand NXT.

Making her debut in March 2007, Shirai spent several years working as a tag team wrestler, teaming with her older sister Mio, with whom she would wrestle for various promotions across Japan and Mexico, winning the TLW World Young Women’s Tag Team Championship in the process. In June 2010, the Shirai sisters came together with fellow freelance wrestler, Kana to form the Triple Tails stable. The group lasted for fifteen months, before Io left an embarked on a singles career with the World Wonder Ring Stardom promotion. In April 2013, she won the promotion’s top title, the World Of Stardom Championship.

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– We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

Triple Threat for the NXT Women’s Title: Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair

We go back to the ring and out first comes Rhea Ripley. Io Shirai is out next. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair makes her way out last. Flair enters the ring and raises the title. We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor.

The bell rings and they stare each other down. The trainees make some noise in the crowd. Flair rolls to the floor and tells them to go at it. The crowd boos Flair and chants “you don’t go here!” now. Ripley and Shirai lock up now. Ripley sends Shirai down. Flair runs in from behind and slams Ripley. Ripley chases Flair back out and Shirai rolls Ripley up for 2. Flair decks Ripley and takes her to the corner for more kicks. Shirai pulls Flair off but Flair kicks her. Shirai drops Flair but runs into boots from Ripley in the corner. Flair with a neckbreaker to Ripley. Flair catches Shirai and hits a fall-away slam. Flair kips up for more boos. Flair yells about how this is her house and these two are guests. She delivers chops to both challengers.

Flair goes to run their heads together but they double team her. Ripley hits Shirai and goes to work on Flair. Flair fights back in from the apron. Ripley pulls Flair to the floor. Ripley goes for a cannonball from the apron but she lands hard as Flair moves. Flair launches Ripley into the barrier and she lands hard again. Flair turns around to Shirai nailing a Frankensteiner from the apron. Flair comes back and sends Shirai into the ring post. Flair then sends Shirai into Ripley and the barrier. More boos from Flair as she shows off some at ringside.

Flair brings Shirai back into the ring and boots her in the head while talking trash. Flair takes her time working Shirai over now. Flair catches Shirai but she lands on her feet. Shirai goes for a dropkick but it’s blocked as Flair transitions into a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Shirai kicks out and kicks Flair away. Ripley runs in and clotheslines Flair twice. Ripley with knees to Flair’s face now. Ripley levels Flair with a running boot. Ripley yells out and hits abasement dropkick to Flair. Shirai runs over and drops Ripley. Shirai with 619 to Flair. Shirai keeps control and rolls Flair up, then stomps on her. Shirai with more offense to Flair while she’s down. Flair kicks out after a dropkick.

The crowd rallies for Shirai and she powers up. Ripley runs in and cuts Shirai off, rolling her up. Shirai counters. They both collide with big strikes and both go down. Shirai and Ripley start getting up but Flair nails a double Spear. Shirai kicks out at 2, then Ripley kicks out at 2. Flair throws a crotch chop to the crowd. She drags both challengers over to the corner next to each other. Flair goes to the top for the moonsault but Shirai moves and Ripley gets her knees up. Shirai rolls Flair for 2. Ripley rolls Shirai for 2. Shirai counters the Ripcord and drops Ripley. Shirai counters Flair and applies the Crossface submission in the middle of the ring. Ripley breaks it with a big kick. Flair comes right back with a big boot to Ripley for 2. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now.

Flair gets up and stalks Ripley. Ripley avoids Natural Selection as Flair misses it. Ripley slams Flair on her face. Shirai springboards with a missile dropkick to Ripley. Ripley powers up as fans rally for her again. Shirai with the running double knees to Ripley in the corner. Flair comes right back with Natural Selection to Shirai but Shirai kicks out just before the 3 count. Flair can’t believe it.

Shirai rolls Flair for a 2 count. Flair with the Figure Four on Shirai. Ripley breaks the Figure Eight attempt by pulling Flair to the floor and unloading with strikes and a handful of hair. They continue brawling as Shirai nails a big plancha through the ropes, taking Ripley down. Flair hits a big boot on Shirai at ringside. Flair sends Shirai crashing through a window of the house. Ripley and Flair brawl after a Spear attempt now. Ripley mounts Flair with rights and lefts as the referee warns her to take it back to the ring.

Flair gets up and slaps Ripley in the face. Flair mashes Ripley’s face into the Plexiglas and slams her. Ripley keeps fighting and so does Flair. Flair yells at Ripley to come on. We see a spotlight on Shirai now as she’s high up on top of the house set. Ripley and Flair brawl down below. They look up and see Shirai. She smiles and leaps down, nailing a big crossbody on Flair and Ripley. A “holy shit!” chant breaks out now.

Shirai brings Flair back into the ring. Shirai goes to the top but Ripley runs up to the apron and rocks her to prevent the moonsault. Flair charges with a Spear as Ripley comes through the ropes in the ring but Ripley sends her face-first into the turnbuckles. Flair is out on the floor now. Ripley climbs up for a superplex but Shirai resists. Shirai slides down and decks Ripley, then climbs back up with her. Shirai goes for the Frankensteiner but Ripley stops it in mid-move. Flair runs in with a big boot to Shirai. Shirai falls to the mat and rolls out while Ripley is still up top. Flair chops Ripley while she’s up high. Flair climbs up but Ripley fights back. Ripley with the super Riptide from the top but Shirai rolls back in the ring to break the pin up.

Shirai dodges a kick from Ripley. Shirai unloads with strikes. Ripley blocks Shirai and catches her in the Prism. Flair comes in with a kendo stick and nails Ripley over the back to break the submission. Flair with kendo stick shots to both challengers now. Ripley turns around to a big Spear from Flair. Flair goes for the Figure Four as Ripley tries to resist. Flair tries to bridge into a Figure Eight but Ripley fights her. Flair bridges it as Shirai goes to the top. Shirai hits the moonsault to Ripley, landing only on her and forcing Flair’s submission to break. Shirai holds it for the pin on Ripley to win, while Flair still has part of her hold locked in.

Winner and New NXT Women’s Champion: Io Shirai

– After the match, Flair recovers as Shirai takes her title and raises it in the air. Fans chant her name as we go to replays. We come back to Shirai up top celebrating her title win as confetti falls all over the arena. NXT “Takeover: In Your House” goes off the air with Shirai celebrating with the title.

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 Date: June 8th 2020
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